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Mental Health Concern

Referring to Older People’s Services

We have three NHS-commissioned dementia services in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear.

We provide nursing care for people with complex dementia, who have needs which cannot be met in less intensive services. To do so, we employ specialist mental health nurses with expertise in dementia care to lead these services. We take pride in our colleagues, who deliver person-centred care to the highest standards.

People using our services have complex dementia and require ongoing, skilled, nursing care that care is provided in small, domestically-equipped environments. We have a focus on ordinary needs as well as mental health and medical needs.

The provision of social and fulfilment opportunities, such as:

  • Promoting effective communication with others.
  • Maintaining links with the local community.
  • Preserving family and other relationships.
  • Meaningful activities.

The provision of psychological care:

  • Interpreting and meeting needs that can be expressed through challenging behaviours.
  • Validation of life experience.

The provision of physical care:

  • Therapeutic risk taking to promote and maintain living skills.
  • Help with all aspects of personal care including dietary, continence, hygiene, and mobility needs.

Where to refer

To refer to Mental Health Concern’s dementia care services, please send a standard referral letter to the address below, outlining the reasons for your referral and a summary of the person’s needs and aspirations. We’ll take it from there.

Mental Health Concern
Buttress House
36 Brenkley Way
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE13 6DS

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