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Mental Health Concern

Briarwood: Meadows

24-hour specialist dementia care

What we do and how we help

We care for people who, because of their dementia, behave in ways that can be challenging or hard to understand. Our main focus is on getting to know the person as well as we can, so that we can meet their needs in ways that improve wellbeing. This is because we know that a person with dementia is just that – a person.

We are a specialist mental health service that is commissioned by the NHS. This means that we have high levels of qualified nursing staff available 24 hours a day, helped by our team of experienced support workers, to enable the people we care for to:

  • keep a sense of meaning and purpose in life
  • protect personal relationships and social networks
  • nurture hope and self-esteem
  • maintain independence, choice and control
  • stay in touch with their local communities, and be active citizens
  • have a sense of stability and consistency

Where is Briarwood: Meadows?

We are based in Blaydon, Gateshead and are situated in a quiet residential area within easy reach of public transport links and amenities.

What are the facilities like?

Briarwood: Meadows is on the ground floor and has space for up to 12 people. Our building is well-equipped to meet the healthcare needs of the people we care for, however we work hard to keep things as homely and relaxed as possible. We have a number of separate lounge and dining areas, fully-assisted baths and wet rooms.

Families and the people we care for are encouraged to bring in furnishings, pictures, and ornaments for their bedrooms to make it their own.

We are careful in how we furnish and decorate Briarwood, so that it is both safe and easy to find your way around in. We think it’s very important to help people stay active and independent as much as possible.

We also have enclosed ‘dementia-friendly’ garden spaces, because we know that access to the outdoors is important for most of us. Getting the sun on your back and some fresh air in your lungs can do wonders for your wellbeing, whether you have dementia or not.

Who are the team?

Our team of mental health nurses and support workers are specialists in dementia care and are passionate about what they do. We specifically select our staff not just for their skills, but for their personal qualities such as warmth, optimism, and a natural desire to help others.

How do I refer someone to this service?

To find out how to refer someone to Briarwood: Meadows, please click here.

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