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Mental Health Concern

Newcastle Supported Housing

Who is the service for?

We enable people of working age with complex mental health problems to move out of hospital or 24-hour care and take up a supported tenancy in the community. This is a non-time limited service.

Supported Housing has no specific exclusion criteria, as each referral is individually assessed for suitability. The eligibility criteria state that the referred person:

  • has a complex and enduring mental health problem
  • will be expected to display a degree of ability to manage a tenancy and participate in community life
  • will be given priority if he/she is currently hospitalized, is in 24-hour care, is homeless, or is at risk of these

What we do and how we help

We offer a range of shared and individual accommodation, all furnished, decorated, and maintained to a high standard. Our tenants are encouraged to choose or bring furnishings and decorations to make their flat their own.

We work with our tenants to create a support plan, identifying their needs, aims, and aspirations to see what support is best suited to each individual. Each tenant has a key worker and a co-worker, who support them day-to-day in their recovery to help them gain greater independence.

Support can include help with:

  • mental health issues (e.g. managing symptoms, mental health awareness, support at outpatient appointments/clinical reviews)
  • medication (e.g. medication awareness, ordering and daily management)
  • finances (e.g. appointeeship service, payment of utility bills, management of debt/savings, weekly budgeting)
  • household skills
  • skills for life
  • health and hygiene
  • social skills development
  • supported employment/education
  • move-on

Each tenant receives an average of 10 hours of support time per week, but more support can be given in times of crisis or greater need. Tenants also have access to a 24-hour on-call service, which provides advice and support from a registered mental health nurse and also for tenant visits or crisis assessment where required.

Accommodation rental is charged to the tenant, and is often covered by housing benefit for those in receipt of benefits. Support costs are generally covered by the local authority’s adult community-based services.

How do I refer someone to this service?

To refer to this service, please use the Newcastle City Council’s Gateway System. For support or training required to use this system, please contact the Active Inclusion Team on 0191 277 1707.

Mental Health Concern is the lead of four providers of this service, working in collaboration with Karbon HomesMental Health Matters, and Richmond Fellowship.

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