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We know that caring for someone with dementia can sometimes be very demanding and tiring; it’s a 24-hour job. Everyone deserves a rest from time to time, and people who care for someone with dementia certainly do.

Who we’re here for

At Alderwood, we offer flexible packages of respite care, so that people who care for someone with dementia can rest and relax, knowing that their loved one is being well looked after.

We provide with with people whose dementia means they have quite complex or challenging needs. We also offer considerable flexibility in terms of regular weekly support, or support for longer periods – such as when families want to go on holiday for a week or two.

We also work closely with our Community Challenging Behaviour Service to support families and carers in their own homes.

About Alderwood

We are based in Bensham in Gateshead, within easy reach of public transport links and amenities.

We have space for up to 10 people and our building is well-equipped to meet the healthcare needs of the people we care for.

We work hard to keep things as homely and relaxed as possible; there are a number of separate lounge and dining areas, fully-assisted baths and wet rooms, and a coffee bar and games room.

We are careful about how we furnish and decorate Alderwood, to get the right balance between being safe, secure, and easy to find your way around, as well as being a pleasant and relaxing place to be.

Our team

Our team of mental health nurses and support workers are specialists in dementia care and passionate about what they do.

We specifically choose our colleagues not just for their skills, but for their personal qualities such as warmth, optimism, and a natural desire to help others.

Between us, we have decades of experience and knowledge in assessing and meeting the needs of people with dementia.

Contact details

Rectory Place

Telephone: 0191 477 7399
Fax: 0191 478 3510

Refer someone to us

  • This is the first time we've been able to sleep at night without worrying about her. It's the first year we've had a holiday.

  • When you come through the door, they're concerned about you as a family member.

  • We can go home and sleep at night, knowing she's safe.