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Employment Advice Service

The Employment Advice Service is delivered by Mental Health Concern in partnership with North Tyneside Psychological Therapies Service, which is part of the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) initiative.

The services we offer to people in employment

Through a number of employment advisers, the service supports people already in employment, helping them to:

  • manage employment/employer issues
  • return to work after sick leave
  • access occupational health support
  • look for new jobs without falling out of work

Services we offer to people not in employment

The service can also offer assistance to get into voluntary work, work placements, or work trials. For those people on benefits, the employment advisers offer advice and signposting to other support. Employability skills include help with:

  • CV-writing
  • job applications
  • interview techniques
  • confidence-building
  • job-searching

About our advisors

The advisers have knowledge of the local area and make use of its local services, including employers, to the advantage of their clients. The advisers undertake the following:

  • advocating on behalf of clients
  • mediation to arrive at solutions acceptable for employee and employer
  • support a person to self-advocate within their employment setting
  • develop a wide range of work solutions with an individual and an employer which aim to enable the individual to perform their work tasks successfully

How to access this service

Access to this service is only through a referral from an IAPT practitioner from North Tyneside Psychological Therapies Service.

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