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Today’s analysis of a lifelong study of almost 10,000 people across the UK shows that people who were in the Scouts or Guides in childhood have better mental health in later life.

Scott Vigurs, our Director of Services, commented:

As both a mental health practitioner and a Scout leader, I was delighted to read the recently published study which found a strong link between good mental health and Scouting. 

It came as no surprise to me that learning ‘soft’ skills through Scouting, including teamwork and self-reliance, coupled with frequently being outdoors in natural environments, is good for mental health and wellbeing. 

I’m really proud to play my small part in Scouting and to work for Mental Health Concern, where every day our services are supporting people to be active, to develop their skills, to connect, and to build self-reliance.

Read more about the study’s findings here:

Image credit: Scout Association

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