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Mental Health Concern

McGowan Court

24-hour specialist rehabilitation and recovery

What we do and how we help

Our main purpose is to help people with complex mental health problems to live well and independently in the community. We work with people to understand and manage their mental health condition, as well as to develop and practise the skills which are important to live independently. We focus on recovery, wellbeing as well as good physical health.

The NHS and council pay for this service, so we have high levels of experienced mental health nurses on duty 24 hours a day. This means that we can help people with very complex needs, which are sometimes compounded by other things such as substance misuse, to move from hospital and secure service settings back into their local communities.

We know that everyone’s recovery journey is different, however we also know that, by and large, we all aspire for the following in our lives:

  • a sense of meaning and purpose
  • good relationships and supportive social networks
  • hope for the future and good self-esteem
  • independence, choice and control
  • a place in the community and feeling like an active citizen
  • stability and consistency

We use these aspirations to guide us each day in our work with people, and we aim to help people move on into more independence accommodation within one to three years. Along the way, we help many people to get back into work and education, rebuild their social networks and friendships, as well as regain life skills.

We know that to flourish in life, you have to take some risks. This is why we work hard with the people that we support, our team, and other professionals to carefully judge what is just enough support, so that people have the right opportunities to try out new things with the right amount of support.

What is McGowan Court like?

McGowan Court is a purpose-built, high-quality rehabilitation and recovery service in Byker. It is very close to Byker High Street, within walking distance of local shops, a leisure centre, and the NHS walk-in centre. There are easy bus links into Newcastle’s city centre and wider destinations.

McGowan Court has two six-bedroomed houses, joined by an office and some communal areas. The houses are fully-furnished with an open-plan lounge/kitchen/dining area. There are shared bathrooms, and each of the bedrooms is fully-furnished, but residents are welcome to bring their own furnishings to make it more to their own taste. Each bedroom has a bed, bedside cabinet (with lockable medicine facilities), sink, vanity unit, and wardrobe.

At McGowan Court, each resident has their own keys to the front door, their bedroom, and to locked cabinets for things like medication. Staff take residents’ privacy seriously and will not enter a bedroom unless they have permission or if there is an emergency. There is a garden with numerous seating areas, as well as a greenhouse. Everyone is encouraged to get involved with the upkeep of the garden and other communal areas.

Who are the team?

McGowan Court is staffed 24 hours a day and there is always a qualified nurse on duty. The staff team is made up of 12 people; the nurse manager and deputy nurse manager are qualified mental health nurses with many years’ experience, and our key workers are qualified nurses.

We specifically select our staff not just for their skills, but for their personal qualities such as warmth, optimism, and a natural desire to help others.

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